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(If you were expecting adult content by the name of this page, you were badly mistaken.)
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Jeff Joiner Training

I'm extremely excited to be partnering with Jeff Joiner Training!  

Jeff Joiner is a world-class keynote speaker who combines his unique background as a college instructor, sales professional, consultant, coach and entrepreneur to deliver engaging, powerful seminars.  Jeff has worked with organizations across America; coaching, training, motivating, inspiring, and equipping people to be and do their very best.  Jeff's ability to take a humorous approach to serious business topics has made him a favorite of organizations across a wide spectrum of industries.  Ask anyone who has attended one of Jeff's seminars - you will never be the same!  

You can find out more about Jeff Joiner at www.JeffJoiner.com.  You can find out more about the team of speakers Jeff has assembled at www.Facebook.com/JeffJoinerTraining

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