Creating a spark to help fulfill your dreams!
(If you were expecting adult content by the name of this page, you were badly mistaken.)
Career coaching along your own path.

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  • Are you looking for someone to spark your audience?
  • Does your group need a presentation about becoming a better person?
  • Does your career have you feeling trapped?
  • Would you like to again feel passionate about your life, health, family, career?

If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, we've got the material you are looking for!
Ignite-the-Passion is an idea of creating a spark in individuals to assist them in fulfilling their dreams.  
By combining your knowledge with our inspiration you will find the motivation to take action towards achieving your goals.
Just as a fire begins from the friction of a spark, our philosophy is taking action (creating friction) leads individuals to living a life full of success and a passion for the adventure.

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